Thursday, November 6, 2008

Addicted ... gotta come clean

People, there are some things that should just be said...things that need to be out in the open...and, speaking of addictions, I guess that the first thing you do to address them is to come clean - to tell people that you love, and trust that they'll come along side of you through a journey of recovery. But, to be perfectly honest, I am happy to be addicted no matter who comes along and I hope that I never recover! Some say it's rebellion and I guess they're right.

So here it goes... I'm insatiably addicted to the presence of Jesus ...and I've decided to rebell against all the whinning wish list of comforts my flesh brings before me everyday...the excuses to entertain lethargy, to breathe easy, to just give 90% and call it 100%. I'm done trying to make that man survive... Why, because I've TASTED AND I'VE SEEN! And Oh! how good HE is to behold! I'm addicted and want more of Him...there is nothing like it in all the world...or existence for that matter.

Tonight, at the Gathering - the Furnace's weekly meeting, I so got that tiny taste of God that drives you running, looking, searching, even doing crazy stuff like - going without food, just to get another piece of Him. Tonight was one of those nights for me when I just wish that time would stop and that there was energy enough in my body to keep singing, keep dancing, keep playing, keep crying out for more... and somehow, at the end of a massive and satisfying feast, all I want is more. What a kingdom dicotomy. You're never more hungry than when you've just left the Master's table! It's one of those times when you hear your love-sick heart admit, 'I'll do this a hundred times more, week after week, night after night if perchance, just if perchance He might show up!' What a whirlwind of heart and passion catapulted into an endless story of adventure, sacrifice and love - His story... or maybe HIStory, as it shall be told! :)

Just had to let my heart out for a minute... May His Kingdom presence strike us, may we never recover, may the addiction spread and may we find ourselves...just ordinary people who've trainwrecked with the supernatural God... around a throne with a great multitude of people, in the most indescribably cataclysm of worship created beings have ever known.

I love all those that call upon the Lord. I love His Church. I love Him. And I long for His return.