Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bigger than life!

Hello all of you incredible people on the planet! Especially those of you that are dedicated to living this phenominal journey we call the Christian life! What an experience! I was in a meeting not too long ago where the presence of Jesus was so strong and he was touching peoples lives in a powerful way. I turned to a friend and whispered, "This is so incredible! I could do this for the rest of my life." He immediately responded, "I can't imagine doing anything but this". How true it is, I am addicted to Jesus - and everything he does!

So, welcome to the DLA blogsite... I will be your host, and am definately looking forward to getting to share and "know" so many of you through our thoughts and conversations.

This weekend, I have been enjoying the excitement and passion of our third Desperation conference this Summer, Michigan, Colorado and now in Alabama. What a blast! It starts with rolling into town a few days early and connecting with friends and pastors that we love. Just yesterday we were plunging into a pool and leaping over one another to catch a nerf ball in the water. Moments later we were playing a sweet game of two-touch football - the older crowd verses the younger ("older" by which I mean Dave Perkins, Dan Perkins, myself and some others) - and we won I might humbly add :P And then of course pizza, exciting conversations, and off to an amazing night with young people.

We've had an incredible time already loving on friends, conference attenders and even some strangers. These conferences are such an awesome time to see people encounter the presence of Jesus and make commitments to change, press in and follow hard after the Lord. I love this more than I know how to say!

I sincerely look forward to the times ahead that we will share! I love you all! More to come soon!